Which Wedding Venue Would Be Right For You?

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When it comes to selecting the perfect venue for a wedding, most people think of the two main options – a church or a registry office. But there are other options available to you as well. And this is why it pays to spend some time thinking about which wedding venue would be right for you and where you would like to get married.

The first issue to consider when considering which wedding venue, is whether you want your wedding ceremony and your reception to be in the same place or not. Some people like the convenience of getting hitched and then celebrating the fact without having to go from one venue to another in the process. In contrast though, others prefer to stay in the same place for the whole day. It means they don’t have to worry about travelling quite so much – and when the wedding ceremony is over the celebrations can begin immediately!

Obviously if you want to get married in a church, your reception will have to be held somewhere else. What type of location would you like to go to? If you want something quite basic – or your budget is quite tight – then perhaps a local hall would be the best fit. People have even taken over their local pub for the evening in some cases when deciding which wedding venue.

If you would prefer something a little more upmarket then think about a stately home or formal venue or hotel nearby. These will be a lot more expensive but they are also likely to be able to offer more services. Incidentally, always make sure they can cater for all your requirements before you book any venue for definite. Some offer specific wedding venues reception packages and if this is the case always ask for a brochure or written details of what they can and cannot offer.

One advantage of picking somewhere like a hotel or stately home is that you can often stay the night as well. This could be a perfect venue if you aren’t heading off on your honeymoon until the next day. Special deals may be available for members of the wedding party, so ask if this is the case. Find out how far in advance such rooms would need to be reserved as well.

Of course there are more unusual places to celebrate your nuptials. There is a music hall in London which can be rented out for wedding celebrations, and plenty of manors, abbeys and even haunted houses you could choose from if you wish.

Which wedding venue? A lot will depend on which venues are reasonably close to you. If you want to get married further afield however, the whole country is your oyster. In either case both you and your partner should get together and discuss any ideas you have had so far. You might find you settle on just the place together – or perhaps one of you will suggest something extremely unusual the other person hadn’t thought of.

Wherever you end up celebrating your wedding, make sure it is memorable for all the right reasons. Which wedding venue? Find out all you need to know upfront, and then make sure you book the venue in plenty of time.