What wedding dress will you wear?

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The answer has to be that it is never too early to start thinking about this. Once you have decided on a date for your wedding you should start thinking about the type of dress you will opt for on the big day itself.

Some women find this easier than others to decide.  You might instantly know the type of wedding dress you will wear to your wedding – you may have dreamed about it for years. Your mother may even have promised you her own wedding dress for the ceremony, suitably adjusted and perhaps brought up to date a little as well.

But other women are completely lost when deciding what wedding dress will you wear? and unsure where to start with this task. It isn’t an easy decision, particularly if you don’t often wear dresses anyway. This is why it pays to give yourself as much time as possible to consider what you will opt for on the day.

So where should you start? What wedding dress will you wear? If you do wear dresses from time to time, think about the types of dresses that suit your shape. What do you feel comfortable in? What do you enjoy wearing? Could you find a wedding dress that is similar in style to dresses you have worn in the past?

Feeling confident in your wedding dress will be a big boost to you when you finally walk down the aisle. If you aren’t confident it will be even harder to make that very important journey, especially when everyone is watching your big moment.

If you prefer plain and simple outfits, apply that same logic to your wedding dress. Many people automatically think of yards of lace and complex folds and pleats when they think of wedding dresses. But you don’t have to go for anything like that if you don’t want to. Remember that plain and simple can look very elegant as well – and in fact if that style suits you it will make you look far more stunning. If you tried wearing an elaborate wedding dress with a long train and countless yards of lace, you wouldn’t look quite right anyway.

In the end you won’t know what suits you the most until you start trying on dresses. You may have an idea of what you want to wear, but keep an open mind if you can and try and go for a few other styles as well. Remember that trying something on does not mean you will end up wearing it! Give it a go – you never know it might work well on you.

Try and take someone with you whenever you go shopping for a wedding dress as well. A trusted friend who normally goes with you on shopping trips will be the best person to take. You need to know they will tell you if you look silly or if a particular dress doesn’t suit you.

So you see, the sooner you start thinking about the dress you will wear down the aisle, the more time you have to relax and explore all the options. And that will make your final purchase much easier.