What to consider when choosing your wedding dress

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Choosing your wedding dress or gown can be a very stressful experience. It gets easier if you have given yourself enough time to look around, but that doesn’t always mean it is easy. This article discusses, what should you consider when choosing your wedding dress?

There is so much to think about, such as does it suit you? Will you feel proud to wear it? Will you feel comfortable in it for the whole day – and not just for ten or fifteen minutes standing in a changing room? And perhaps most importantly, what will your partner think when he sees you walking down the aisle towards him?

All of these things and many more issues besides must be borne in mind when you start looking at and choosing your wedding dress. It might also help to look through a few magazines and browse through some websites in the early stages of your search. Some women feel self conscious when they go to browse around some of the shops and boutiques that sell wedding dresses; some salespeople aren’t content to let you look round in your own time. They want to get involved right from the start and you may not be ready for that. If you are starting from a blank slate and you are only just getting to know what you might like, be sure to frequent stores that allow you to browse without having to get into discussions about your requirements.

But of course style is not the only thing you need to be aware of. You need to think about the color of the dress as well. Would you prefer to wear white? Or would something a little less traditional suit you better? Do you want a designer dress or an off the peg wedding dress?

Many pale colours are very popular nowadays and even brighter colors are making a splash as the women brave enough to carry them off wear them down the aisle. What you need to think about is which color or shade of colour will suit your skin tone. It’s very easy to spot a famous bride in a glossy magazine, looking stunning in a pale blue wedding dress. But that doesn’t mean you will look equally stunning. Conversely that famous bride might look odd if she wore deep red – but you may be able to carry it off perfectly. A lot depends on your skin tone, what you feel proud to wear and the look you want to go for.

Another aspect worth bearing in mind is bridal accessories. Will you want a veil? Perhaps a small hat will finish off a simpler design of wedding dress? How about shoes – what can you wear that will look nice and not be too uncomfortable to wear all day? After all you don’t want your one lasting memory of your wedding day to be how many blisters you ended up with!

Often you will find that once you get one aspect of your wedding dress clear in your mind, the rest will follow on from there. In any event don’t be too narrow minded when you start looking, and give yourself plenty of time to make that all important decision.