Wedding Day Tips

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After all the wedding planning, the decisions and the organisation, the big day itself is almost here. This is when a little extra care and attention will go a long way.

We’ve compiled some tips you can bear in mind for your wedding day, to improve the chances that everything will go without a hitch.

Lay out everything you will wear on the big day the night before

Don’t leave it until the morning to get everything ready. If you lay out everything the day before you will ideally have time to run out and get something if you have forgotten it. Socks are a big thing for grooms to forget, while little items such as a spare pair of stockings in case you ladder a pair are good for brides to remember.

Do a ‘talk through’

You’ve heard of a walk through. Well, this is similar but you simply have to focus on the day from start to finish and talk it through in your mind to make sure you don’t forget anything. Even better, shut yourself in a room and talk it through out loud.

Brides, focus on what will happen before the wedding. Where are you getting ready? What will you need to have with you? Who is arriving to assist you and when? Note down anything you might forget, such as tissues (always handy when you’re getting married), deodorant, a nail file, and so on. Think of every little thing that might happen or go wrong and plan for it in advance.

Grooms, make sure you have everything that comprises your outfit – right down to your underwear. It’s easy to focus solely on the suit and forget everything else! Hair isn’t perhaps as much of an issue for men, but if you use any products to create the look you want, you should make sure you have fresh bottles of them at hand. Imagine walking through your routine as you get ready for your wedding day – what will you need and do?

Settle up with all your suppliers ahead of your wedding day

No bride or groom wants to be thinking about paying bills. However you may want to think about having some money available for tips. For example, you may have hired a DJ or a team to provide the food and table service. Decide on the appropriate tip for each in advance and put the cash for each in an envelope with a thank you note from the bride and groom. You then have sealed envelopes each bearing the name of the person they are intended for. It’s much better than handling cash.

Prepare for your overnight stay

If you are both staying together in a hotel at the end of the wedding day, make sure you get your overnight bags ready the night before. Focus on the essentials and don’t forget some headache tablets just in case!

If you are heading off to your honeymoon the day after, you’ll need to have your suitcases packed as well. Leave these with a trusted family member who can ensure they are taken to your room once you reach your hotel (along with your overnight bags).

It’s also a good idea to trust the same person with your mobile phones. The bride won’t have anywhere to keep hers anyway, but grooms, don’t be tempted to keep your phone in your pocket, even if it is on silent. Make sure you hand them to someone else to keep safe. If anyone calls they can handle it. You are getting married!

The key here is preparation. You’ve both been preparing for your wedding for a fair length of time – perhaps even many months. On the big day itself it is very often the tiny details that people forget, and those details can make a world of difference in the end. If you take some time beforehand thinking through the entire day and what will happen, you are much more likely to cover all the bases. No one wants anything to go wrong on their wedding day, and you can vastly reduce the odds of that happening by following the tips given here.

All that remains then is to enjoy every minute.