Unusual Wedding Venues – Where To Celebrate?

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 When we think of weddings we tend to think about churches and registry offices. And when it comes to the celebrations afterwards, large halls and hotels are typically among the most common venues people head for.

But of course there are plenty of other more unusual wedding venues you can opt for when it comes to your own wedding. The setting is just as important as every other aspect of your day, which is why picking somewhere slightly different is always a good move.


So which types of venues can you choose from?

A good way of finding somewhere ideal is to explore your local area to see what you have available. Keep an eye out for large properties which may cater for large wedding parties and try and get some information from them on what type of services they provide.


Many castles can accommodate wedding celebrations now, and indeed you may even be able to get married there too. If you want something on a large scale – and you have plenty of guests to squeeze in as well – a castle could provide just the setting you are after.


If you have a smaller wedding party but the idea of being in a building that is hundreds of years old appeals to you, think about one of the many historic buildings in the country as well. Houses, forts, halls and even vineyards all offer the prospect of somewhere a little more unusual than your standard registry office or church.


Of course there are more modern venues as well which offer even more unusual settings for your wedding. Everyone is familiar with Pinewood Studios, the movie studios that have been the setting for many famous films over the years. But did you know that you can also get married there? They have two rooms especially dedicated to this purpose, named after Gatsby and Hitchcock.


There are also battleships, trains and even aircraft that you can say your vows on if you really want a memorable location for your special day. In this sense it might even be possible to plan your wedding around what you and your partner like the most. If you love the drama and majesty of a towering castle, why not get married in one?


No matter where in the country you live you will find all kinds of more unusual wedding venues dotted around your locality. Jot down some ideas for places you would love to have as your wedding setting, and then see if you can actually turn one of those ideas into reality. It might be easier than you think.


And don’t forget there is nothing to stop you from getting married in another county. It may require a little more planning but it does open up all kinds of other possibilities if you are determined to say your vows in an unusual setting.


So regardless of whether you want to say “I do” in a church, a castle, a barn or a battleship, you are sure to find something that fits the bill.