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We are now accepting Guest Article Post submissions from our existing Subscribers.

If your submission passes our guidelines below, it will be added to our wedding articles page. If you are a wedding vendor that are not already advertising with us you can sign-up here (Free listings can login and upgrade their listing)

Article Quality
Your article should be informative and engaging and in no way read just read like an advert for your company. (It will not be published if that is the case) Everything in your article should be factually accurate and the text should be unique, passing Copyscape rules as search engines do not like duplicated body text from other pages.

SEO link
Your article can feature a single inbound link to your website, usually at the end but either within relevant text or via a URL

Article length
The article should be between 400 and 700 words

Articles with poor grammar, spelling mistakes or which are not deemed of suitable quality will be rejected

This is your opportunity to get a FREE one way link to your website from our Page Ranked 4 website. Rememeber that the better the article, the more engaging and informative it is, the more likely it will gain relevence on the search engines, and the link will be most effective.

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