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Inside Out Festival - Guardian Theatre Blog post 'How do you dramatise war?' by Iain Burnside

The Art of War, a panel discussion chaired by Philippe Sands QC focussing on representation of war in film, theatre, literature and the media, took place in King's College London's Chapel on the 27th October as part of LCACE's Inside Out Festival 2010.

Panelists included: Iain Burnside, Guilhall academic, pianist and Sony-Award-winning radio presenter; Kate Adie OBE, journalist and broadcaster; Xavier Pick, artist; Captain Kevin Ivison GM; author of Red One and Kate O'Brien, King's College London Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives.

'How do you dramatise war?' was published on the Guardian's Theatre Blog, Friday 29 October 2010 and summarises the contents of this discussion and anticipates IOF10's screening of 'Isolation'.

You can read Iain Burnside's piece 'How do you dramatise war? here:

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