Planning The Wedding Reception

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Your whole focus might be on the moment that you walk up the aisle and get married in front of your friends and family. But you also need to think about what will happen afterwards. Planning the wedding reception and thinking about what kind of wedding reception do you and your partner want?

The wedding reception is a time for celebration for the happy new couple and everyone they have invited to share it with them. As such you want to be sure it goes without a hitch, and that involves good wedding planning.

It’s ideal then for the bride and groom to get their heads together and decide what they want their reception to be like. This could be anything from something traditional to something with a theme. Discuss your ideas and see whether you come up with anything you both like the sound of. You can then use this as a starting point to plan the rest of your reception together.

If you do choose a theme this can make the rest of the planning easier. For example, if you are having a winter wedding you can theme the reception around this time of year. You would have seasonal flowers and perhaps silver coloured decorations. You might even elect to have snowflake themed wedding favours if you like.

On a more basic note the first thing you need to decide is how many people will be attending. The reception often involves more guests than the actual wedding itself, so be sure you don’t forget anyone. Once you have a rough idea of numbers you can think about suitable wedding venues.

The venue itself will help you to plan your reception more easily. You will be able to visit the location and see what the room layout is like. You can then decide whether it is suitable for any particular theme or ideas you have in mind.

The seating plan is something else that needs to be organised ahead of time. This might seem like an easy task but it can take longer than you might assume. That’s why giving you and your partner enough time to organise the reception and everything that goes with it will lead to better results and less stress in the end!

Of course it isn’t just the big details you need to plan for. You also need to think about the smaller touches that make or break a wonderful reception. These include centrepieces for the tables and wedding favours for the guests. Make sure nothing is left out. It can help to think about the weddings you have attended as a guest in the past. What did you like about them? What didn’t work as well in your opinion? Is there anything you may have inadvertently missed out?

The wedding reception is a time to start relaxing after the nerves of the wedding itself. Making sure you have arranged for everything to be just right for you, your partner and your guests is the sure way to have a wonderful time throughout the rest of the day.