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Weddings are expensive things to fund. From rings to cars to DJ’s to photographers the costs can all mount up.  

I saw a Facebook post recently from a worried Bride-to-be saying “We booked our photographer for our wedding a year ago for a brilliant price but now he’s cancelled last minute because he’s got a family event on the same date as our big day, can anyone help us and give us some advice with what to do?” The lady was asked how much money she had spent on the photographer. She replied “£150″.

So how much to spend on a wedding photographer? – It’s a cliché but you really do get what you pay for. The photographer in this case wasn’t a professional, he just photographed as a hobby and didn’t even have insurance.

In the UK wedding industry professional photographers tend to fall into these three categories

£500-£1000- low cost wedding photographers (normally excluding albums)

£1000-£2000- mid range wedding photographers (I fall into this category)

£2000-£4000- high cost wedding photographers (for couples with a big budget or for the rich and famous)

Most couples will go for a low cost or mid range photographer for their wedding. Consider these kinds of questions that can affect the price of your wedding photographer…

– Does the price that the photographer has quoted include a pre wedding meet up? It’s great to meet your photographer ahead of the wedding day. If your photographer is far away why not Skype or Face Time before the big day?

– Is your wedding on a weekday (Mon- Fri)? I’m often able to offer a discounted rate for Monday-Thursday weddings as these are less popular days to get married on (although Thursdays are becoming more popular).

– How many hours coverage will you get from the photographer on the day? I normally work to an 8 hour day from Bridal prep until first dance but you could save some money by just having the ceremony and afternoon reception covered. 

– Will you get one photographer working on his/ her own or two photographers working together on the day? Sometimes two can be too much for a small wedding but sometimes for a larger wedding the photographers can cover different angles and things going on which can be great.

– Will you get a USB flash drive of your images or will the wedding photographer keep the images and just send you a few? 

– Will you get an album included in the price or are these extra to pay for after the wedding? What kind of wedding album is it? Real photos or ones printed onto the pages (a photo book)? I use Jorgensen wedding albums which I think are great quality.

Hopefully if you consider these questions you should have a clearer idea of how much you should be budgeting for your wedding photographer. As a general rule I wouldn’t try and cut costs and spend the least amount of money possible, you do get what you pay for. You want to be able to treasure the photos from your wedding for the rest of your life so invest wisely, do your research and hopefully you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Olly Knight 

Olly is a documentary wedding photographer covering Kent and the South East and he appears on our Kent Photographers page.