Money saving tips for your wedding day

Do you have plans to get married this year or next? Then, I am sure you are having a hard time thinking about sticking to your wedding budget without sacrificing quality. Well, budget is one of the major considerations in planning a wedding. Our money saving tips for your wedding will help ensure everything fit the budget perfectly to ensure a perfect day!

Do you think weddings can be very costly? Well, there is some truth to this idea especially if you are dreaming an extravagant one. However, you can make things a little easier by considering the following money saving tips for your wedding.

Save Up For Many Months Or Even a Year Before Your Wedding

This is the most practical thing to do, always save well ahead of your wedding. Don’t decide to get married and have it a week or a month after for you will have a hard time making your budget fit your wedding plans. It is best if you list down the needed materials that will eat up your wedding cost with their corresponding budget, add them up and target a certain amount so as to have a perfectly budgeted wedding well before the date. With this approach, you will have less worry with regards to money matters before your wedding.

Get married On a Weekday

There is no surprise that weddings on Fridays and Saturdays are more expensive compared to other days during the week. The wedding venue and accommodation is likely to cost you a premium amount over midweek weddings. So why not have a midweek wedding and spend any money saved on other wedding items?

Consider Renting a Wedding Gown

Browse any wedding magazine and you will see just how expensive wedding gowns actually are. However, have you considered renting, rather than buying a wedding gown? It will be cleaned in advance and will look as good as new. Let’s be practical. You will only wear the dress once and spending thousands of pounds that could be used elsewhere may not the best choice. You could use wedding gown of your mom’s or sister’s with a few adjustments. You can still have your preferred wedding gown design without spending too much and brides can still look beautiful and elegant with rented gowns. You just need to work with your make up and jewellery.

Renting a car will also save you a little on your budget. Shop around and try to find the best car hire company in your area to the most practical budget. Don’t go for the cheapest option, if something seems to good to be true….it probably is! Instead choose a wedding car hire company that offers a great service but at a reasonable price.

Find a Reasonably Priced Wedding Venue

It will be best if you limit your guests to your close friends and family as this will keep your costs down. Try to find a reception venue that will hold the number for guests you wish to attend, will serve good food and also has a wedding coordinator to guide you through the big day! A word of warning though, there may be a reason why the cheapest option is so cheap….never book the venue or services based solely on price!

Create and send a Personalized Wedding Invitation

You can print your own wedding invitations. Many online companies allow you to design your own personalized invitation online, with different designs and specific wording to suit. Do-it-yourself invitations will save you a lot on your budget compared to placing orders with a more traditional wedding stationery company.