Confetti for weddings, can you be eco friendly but have confetti

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Everyone loves to throw some confetti over the happy couple after the wedding service is over. But while the confetti may look appealing and enhance the wedding photos when they are finally developed, it tends to hang around for a long time afterwards.

When you consider that a church may have several weddings during the course of a week, this adds up to a lot of confetti left lying around afterwards. You may well find that the church or registry office you are getting married at does not allow confetti to be thrown inside the building. This is because it creates a lot of mess which then has to be cleared up. But while you will always be restricted to throwing the confetti outside, you may also want to think about the nature of the confetti that your guests will have.

Biodegradable confetti might sound unusual but it is the perfect solution to making sure your wedding confetti doesn’t hang around for too long afterwards. It is designed to look much like normal confetti, except that it will dissolve when it rains. Look for confetti that is already recycled from paper as well. This will be even better for the environment as it will already have gone through one use and now it will be used for something else too! This type of biodegradable confetti is still very colourful so you won’t miss out on the usual pastel colours that confetti is traditionally known for.

Another solution is to use real petals from flowers. You don’t need to go and pick these yourself; instead you can buy them en masse from certain eco-friendly suppliers. They have several advantages because not only do they naturally disappear, they will also smell good too.

You will normally be able to get mixed bags of these and you can get specific petals too, such as rose petals for example. In addition to this you could also get more than one type and mix up something different yourself.

As you can see there are some good solutions to the unfriendly version of confetti. But what about something completely different that disappears almost as soon as it appears?

If you are slightly confused don’t worry. We are referring to bubbles – the kind of bubbles that come in a pot with a stick, and you blow them whenever you want to release bubbles into the air. Some couples have used these to great effect at their wedding, and the beauty of them is that there is no mess at all afterwards. They also tend to catch the light and throw off lots of lovely colours, so they can work well in photos as well. They don’t obscure the faces as much as confetti can.

So you can see that there are a number of good choices to make to ensure your confetti does not last longer than it should. And whatever you choose you will end up with a stunning result on the big day.