Choosing Your Wedding Transport

Many times Brides-to-be have fantasized about their wedding day since they were little girls. They will have watched movies like Cinderella and imagined themselves grown up one day, marrying their Prince Charming and being driven off in a horse drawn carriage. Of course, some fantasies may come true and for other things they need to be more realistic. There are many options to choose for your wedding day transport such as horse and carriage, open top sports car or traditional white Rolls Royce. However, if you make the choice purely based on fantasy, you may wind up quite disappointed.

There are several things you need to keep in mind when choosing your wedding transport:

– Cost
– Practicality
– Weather
– Distance from the church or ceremony venue to the wedding reception

Cost can be quite prohibitive when choosing your wedding transport and thinking about a horse and carriage. They generally charge by the half hour and if you are driving a short distance from the ceremony venue to the wedding reception that may be okay, but what will you drive after the reception to your honeymoon suite (or the airport)? You certainly don’t want to pay to have the horse and carriage waiting around for you all evening.

Choosing your wedding transport – Choose an open top sports car only if you can guarantee the weather.

Another choice in wedding transport is a convertible sports car. This may be more the Groom’s fantasy than the Bride’s, but it is certainly more affordable. This option is great only if the weather is perfect and the Bride is not concerned about her hair-do. You know, the hair-do she just spent hundreds of pounds on and wants her wedding photos taken with? Open top sports cars may well fulfill the fantasy and will look great in the photographs, assuming the sun is shining, but are not necessarily the most practical option.

Choosing your wedding transport – Be practical, don’t let your heart rule your head.

The traditional Rolls Royce offers luxurious elegance, protection from the weather and is more affordable than the horse and carriage. This is certainly the most practical option and is the most popular mode of wedding transport for the bride, so this is an option well worth considering. Sometimes being practical and realistic is a more sensible option that following your fantasy.

Of course, in the final analysis you want your wedding day to be a happy and memorable occasion. Therefore some tough decisions will need to be made as to their value in making the day what you want versus their cost. You (hopefully) only have one wedding and you want to make it something you will always remember.