Choosing the perfect wedding dress

So, you’re getting married – congratulations! However this does mean that one of the most important decisions of your life is looming – what to wear on the big day?

Lets face it we’ve all seen pictures of family and friends from 15 to 20 years ago who looked more dog’s dinner than dish of the day. Remember both you and your family will be looking at your wedding pictures for decades to come, so choosing the perfect wedding dress  really is vital.

All Brides Deserve The Perfect Wedding Dress!

So what can you do to avoid the nightmare of a frilly meringue that fits badly and does nothing for your figure? The obvious answer is to go to a designer who can help you analyse styles that will set off your figure to its’ best advantage whilst also using your ideas to create a unique wedding dress that is wholly your own.

There is no substitute to having Bridal Wear and a perfect wedding dress that is made to measure. There are many shops that will alter an existing gown but this can be successful only to a point – and we all know that there is no such person as a standard size 12! On this most special of days it’s also great to know that no one else in the world has the same dress as you.

A good couturier will start from scratch by taking measurements and from these make a “toile” which is a mock-up of the gown. This is where fit & design detail are refined (by moving around necklines, playing with skirt fullness etc) and is very much part of the design phase. After this you are likely to have two or three more fittings in silk with the dress being delivered three weeks or so before your big day. Most shops are only able to offer one fitting for altered wedding dresses and experience tells me that most brides are in the gym & on the diet right up to the last minute.

Then all that’s left is for you to walk down the aisle feeling as beautiful and comfortable as you have ever felt in a perfect wedding dress or gown that fits more perfectly than any you have ever owned.