Choosing a best man. The Best mans responsibilities

The Best Man has a variety of very important responsibilities and should be chosen according to who is most likely to be able to successfully complete the tasks and help the wedding go smoothly and not who is the most fun to be with.

Responsibilities of the Best Man.

The Best Man is the most important man in the wedding next to the groom. It is his job to make sure the groom stays in line so take the time to choose a best man you can rely on. The Best Man duties are numerous and a few of them are:

1. Making sure the groom arrives at the church or wedding ceremony venue in good time.

2. Taking charge of the wedding rings—this includes watching after and instructing the ring bearer, if there is one.

3. Acting as a formal witness to the signing of the marriage certificate, after the ceremony.

4. Giving a humorous speech at the wedding reception.

5. Helping with honeymoon arrangements.

6. Ensuring the bride and groom leave the wedding reception on time for their honeymoon.

And that is just to name a few! The Best Man needs to be responsible and trustworthy. When choosing your Best Man, ask yourself if you would trust this man with a million pounds or your life. If not, you should consider another option.

Choosing a Best Man should not be solely the bride’s choice.

Of course, if your Bride-to-be has her say she may want you to choose a best man that looks the nicest with her Bridesmaids, but simply explain to her all the things the Best Man is responsible for and she will quickly come around to your way of thinking. Besides, this is one of the few things the Groom is responsible for choosing. A wedding is possibly the most important event of a woman’s life (as well as having children, of course) and she will want everything to be perfect, just like you!