Best UK Wedding Photographers Listing

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You only have one chance to get it right, which is why it’s so crucial to get the best UK wedding photographer available to capture those memorable moments.

Choosing your best photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your wedding. Your wedding may only be for one day, but your wedding photographs need to endure for the rest of your life. There is probably no other photograph that will mean as much – and no other photograph where you’ll want to look your best.


Professional Wedding Photography for Peace of Mind.

If you thought it was just a question of point and click, or simply investing in a high quality camera think again. People hire professional photographers for good reason. A story on the BBC illustrates how crucial it is to pick the right professional photographers. The BBC reported on the photographs from the marriage of Marc and Sylvia Day which included ‘decapitated guests’ and ‘random close-ups’. The pair were so upset by their wedding photographs they successfully sued the photographer for his shoddy work.


Capturing the Moment.

Paul Cud more, a previous winner of Best Wedding Photographer of the Year told the BBC being a good photographer took skill and artistry. He said it’s all about capturing emotions, careful planning and timing. When you’re choosing a photographer, make sure you see his or her portfolio and that their style is the kind of style that speaks to you. You may prefer reportage style photography that captures natural moments or feel happier with a more staged approach.


Always View a Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio

By examining the photographer’s portfolio you’ll get a clear idea of whether you like their approach. If the photographer is a good communicator who makes you feel relaxed, that’s a good sign. A good wedding photographer can effortlessly usher people around, with good humor and jokes. A top tip is to check out your wedding photographer’s group photographs – according to Paul Cud more, the group shots are the hardest to take. The photographer has to be able to control a large crowd of distracted people ensuring they all look in the right direction and smile at the right time!


Wedding Photos you’ll Fall in Love with

If you like naturalistic reportage, a good photographer will have captured genuine moments in their portfolio. Many people freeze and pose when they see a camera, so it’s best to let them think you’ve finished photographing them, but keep shooting to catch them unawares and relaxed. And a good wedding photographer will always have more than one camera with several lenses, not just to get the right shot but as a back-up. After all, you only have one wedding day but the photographs should last as long as your love.